It's Time to Live Your Happy Life!

    Challenges don't need to define you.

    Gain happiness techniques that relieve the doubt, stress, and fear that are holding you back from a joyful, fulfilled life.

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    About The Book

    Paula Neva Vail's powerful book inspires you toward gratitude and positive habits to transform your life. 

    Paula Neva Vail has witnessed too many people living in fear, anxiety, & sadness.


    Tough challenges have stolen their joy and led them off course.


    In Why Am I So Happy? author, Reiki Master, and entrepreneur Paula Neva Vail illuminates the path back to happiness. She shares her journey from challenge to joy and pinpoints the choices that enable happiness to overflow in your life.


    Your journey to "happy" begins today!

    Transform Your Life Through Happiness​

    Are You Ready To...?

    Reduce Stress​

    Paula will help you understand energy movement. You will begin to raise your personal vibration to alleviate stress in your life.

    Overcome Doubt​

    Learn how to focus your mind, thoughts, and feelings to gain personal confidence and achieve your goals. 

    Trust Yourself​

    Develop an attitude of trust that releases calmness in your life and unlocks opportunities for personal growth.

    What's Inside?​












    5 Reasons You Need to Read this Book

    #1. Learn How Negative Thoughts are Holding You Back

    Our thoughts hold incredible power. Paula shares the negative impact your thoughts could be having on your health, your work, and your personal life.


    #2. Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities for Joy

    Life's toughest challenges can be of benefit to you. Through sharing difficult stories from her past, Paula will help you to see the positive impact of your hardest moments.


    #3. Learn the Essential Happiness Habits

    Paula will introduce exercises that help you evaluate your current thought habits. She will teach you how to develop positive, happiness habits that can transform your life.


    #4. Put Positive Emotional Triggers into Practice

    Experiences in our lives act as triggers, igniting immediate feelings of fear and doubt or happiness and joy. Begin practicing positive emotional triggers that enable you to stay calm in any circumstance.


    #5. Start Living a Happier Life

    Happiness is a choice. Paula gives you the tools to open the door to happiness in your life and choose to live with gratitude, love, and joy.


    Praise for Paula Vail

    "Why am I so Happy is one-of-a-kind just like Paula. This book is recommended for everyone of all ages whether you need a reminder on gratitude and the definitions of joy and happiness, you're going through some rough times, or if you're completely happy this book has great examples and techniques that you can use in your everyday life."


    Carly Calabrese

    Coach / Pro Marketer / Writer / LinkedIn Consultant

    "Paula has experienced hardships, loss, and her own life challenges, yet she chooses to be “happy” regardless of the circumstances. Teachings from her Reiki to her Radio/TV talk shows, provide a blessing to this world. She is dedicated to living a life of joy and love, and helping people live in this same energy, and find it within themselves."

    Rhonda Buston

    Retired Veteran, U. S. Coast Guard/Reiki Practitioner

    About Author Paula Vail

    Paula Vail is the owner and founder of Wellness Inspired, a television and radio show host, published author, inspirational speaker, actress, and entrepreneur. Paula’s show, Choices: Finding Your Joy, is currently broadcast in the Seattle area. 


    Paula is a Reiki Master and teacher in the Usui Reiki tradition, as well as trained in shamanism and quantum healing practices. Before her Reiki practice and radio show, Paula owned and managed a restaurant in Tacoma For more than 27 years.


    Paula was featured in New York City Times Square by the Continental Who’s Who organization as a Pinnacle Professional, and has been featured twice in the Women of Distinction Magazine for her achievements in business and life. In 2015, she was featured in that year’s edition and graced the cover of the 2017 edition. Also, she has been featured in ICE magazine. Paula shares the spotlight in the book, America’s Leading Ladies, which includes other celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates.


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    We pay for the book and just ask that you pay your shipping and handling for only $9.95. You will also receive a digital download copy. Your information is secured with 256-bit encryption and will not be shared.

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    It's time to live free from stress, anxiety, and doubt. Why live a happy life? Because you deserve it – it’s that simple. 


    Paula understands life’s challenges and will guide you in releasing negative thoughts to find personal balance and joy.

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